User area management



To purchase from the portal it is necessary to register. Registration is aimed at collecting the data necessary to identify the user and proceed with the management of the order for tax purposes required by Italian law. Further information at the following link: Term and conditions


Registration can be done freely by selecting the Login icon located to the right of the main menu or by selecting the Login, My Account, Order History and Addresses menus. By selecting one of these options, you access the account access area.

To sign up simply create a new account by selecting the option Creane uno qui

Fill in all the required fields and the mandatory checkboxes for the purpose of data management.

If the procedure is successful you will receive an e-mail confirming registration.


Once you have made the selection of the work you wish to purchase and decided to proceed with the checkout of the order, you will be directed to the registration form. The registration form must be completed in all its parts.

If the procedure is successful you will receive a registration confirmation email. In both modes you will be directed to a registration confirmation page. You can proceed with navigation or finalize your order.


If you have made a free user registration you have the possibility to further finalize the registration.


If you have registered to place an order, simply go back to the cart and proceed with entering the other information necessary to complete the purchase procedure.

Click on the shopping cart icon in the main menu and select `` purchase process ''

You are back on the checkout page.

Fill in the Address field. The filled in address will be the billing address, if the destination is different you have to create a second address.

ATTENTION: It is at the discretion of the glass factory to confirm if possible to ship to the address indicated as some areas are not reachable by couriers.

The VAT number must be entered in the country mode, for example for a German user DE000000000000

If the shipping address is different from the billing address, clear the checkbox '' Use this address also for the invoice.

You can now confirm the data entered to continue or enter a different shipping address.

It is now possible to proceed to the next step, the confirmation of shipping costs. The Vetreria pays all the shipping costs for which the option is already selected. You have the possibility to insert notes for the shipment.

Confirm the options and proceed to the order payment method.


There are two payment options made available


If you have opted for payment by credit card, select the pay by credit card option. Enter the requested data and proceed with the order confirmation. The procedure will be managed by the STRIPE external platform.


If you have chosen this payment method, upon order confirmation you will receive an e-mail with the bank details to which you can make the transfer.

Remember to insert the reference Order number as the reason for the payment.


Congraulations you have purchased a Murano glass sculpture from Vetreria Tagliapietra with a certificate of authenticity.

All stages of the order will be managed by e-mail. You can check the status of your order at any time by selecting the option Order Tracking

Dealer area management



To request to become a reseller of the glass sculptures of Vetreria Tagliapietra click on the menu under the item ''Become dealer'' or select sign in.

The registration form must be completed in all its parts. The inclusion of the VAT number must be done with the prefix of the country of origin. For Italy IT00000000000

Before submitting your application, carefully read the Privacy Policy on data processing.

Confirm your subscription by selecting the SAVE button

If the registration is successful you will receive an email in which you will be informed about the approval procedure by Vetreria Tagliapietre. Only after confirming your registration will you be able to access the portal. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address indicated during registration.

You now have access to the user panel dedicated to you.


By logging in with your username and password, you have access to the user panel reserved for you.

You can change the information entered during registration. You are now responsible for the data in your account.

You have access to the addresses section of Invoices and Shipping, notices and the history of your quotes.



As a reseller you will have access to a dedicated quote cart with which to request quotes for the items you are interested in.

Navigate in your preferred mode to access the glass sculptures made available in the portal.

Select the sculpture of interest by clicking on the box of the work of your interest.

Enter the amount of interest and select the work by selecting the '' Add to Quote '' option.

You can go on and select other works or access the quotes section.


Once the selection of the products for which you want to receive the quotation is completed, access the quotes panel, the central icon present at the top right of the main menu.

You have accessed the summary screen of your request. You can still make changes before submitting your quote request. Your contact email will already be highlighted, then insert some notes for the glass factory and then send your quote by selecting the '' send quote '' button

The staff of Vetreria Tagliapietra will take care of your request and will contact you to define the supply.

Product added to compare.