Gold Leaf Technique

When a master glassmaker wants to enrich the sculpture with gold leaf, they can choose between two options.

The first, which dates back to the second half of the fifteenth century, sees gold as an integral part of the compound, placing a sheet on part of the glass mixture collected from the crucible. The master carries out the blowing operation which disperses the gold in the compound and gives rise to a golden dust effect.

The brilliant dust that is created inside the glass discreetly embellishes the object that the master will then create.

There is a second technique which involves partial or total gold covering of a part of the glass. In this case, a principle of the laminating technique is used. The gold foil is applied cold on the glass by interposing different molten blends then shaping the gold foil with special tools. To obtain a perfect fixing, the object is annealed.

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